Wednesday, October 22, 2008

did you hear?

did you hear that john mccain was in the kkk when he was younger? yea.. AND he still attends meetings.. oh, also he is really good friends with charles manson, he visited him in prison.. yep.. true.. another thing, he likes to hunt people for sport.. yea, it's true, he'll find someone that no one will know is missing and then set them free in the mountains and then track them down and kill them.. and then eats them.. oh yea, i heard it all from this guy that knows mccains dogs trainer..

seriously people.. rumors are ridiculous.. if you believe everything you read and hear you need to not be so damned naive.. it applies to everything, not just scripture (ephesians 4:14).. if you hear something about someone, find out if it is actually true before spreading more lies/rumors.. if you cant get a solid answer, dont repeat it..

but just so you know.. mccain and palin had a love child and that is the only reason she is running for vp, she blackmailed him. you heard it here folks..

Thursday, June 12, 2008


school has been done for a while. and i just now am able to breathe (breath?), breathe..

mary and i moved into a new place a couple miles north of our last place. much bigger and much nicer (much more nice).. my sister also moved in w/ us. i've been trying to get her into the city for a long time.. and she finally took the bait.. so there are 3 chicago elliotts now. dan, mary and tracey (aka sissy).

i bought a motorcycle.. in the 2 weeks i've owned it i've riden it about 3 minutes.. put a hole in the gas tank and now need to repair or buy another.. dang.. just my luck.. so when driving the car, i act like i'm on a motorcycle, much to mary's dismay. car's dont and shouldnt steer like a motorcycle.. it's scary when they lean.. :)

my dad is doing well, i noticed i hadnt updated in a while about his heart surgery. he's healthier than he's been in a long time. he climbed mt everest last week.. and by mt everest, i mean he probably watched the sox win 7 straight.. but seriously.. he said he's in the best shape of his life since he ran track in high school.. my question to teddy is, what did the navy do to ya? was that easier than running track?

mary still workin at the flower shop.. doing sales and design.. very busy. as usual.

anything else i'm forgetting?


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

the classmates


we are getting ready for our thesis and this is the pic for the front of the invitation.. all the classmates, which by now are more like family...

i'm the H

if anyone would like to attend the final exhibition

april 7
1314 w. randolph
chicago il. 606(something)

peace out

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

north carolina

so, tomorrow.. which is thursday as i type this on wednesday.. i will fly into the beloved RDU international airport. i'll be spending my time while there working on a a catalog for the old agency... i might be able to have time to see some folks.. if you want to hang.. let me know.. or.. holla at a brotha... :)

u know my digits.. if you don't.. well.. i probably don't want to see you anyway.. :) haha.. jk..


Monday, October 08, 2007

why hello all

so.. update on teddy (my dad)..

he is doing very well. he goes back to work on the 29th.. speedy recovery teddy...

we've been out to hang out with him pretty much at least once a week..

not much else too new... just school work for dan and work work work work for mary..

if anyone wants to read a 9 page paper on Garamond the typeface, let me know.. haha.. i'm sure i don't have any friends that are that nerdy..

ok, i'm out..

Friday, September 14, 2007


so my dad had a quadruple (sp?) bypass today... he is in the ICU now, they tell us the surgery went well...

thx to all our friends that have prayed and we ask your continued prayer for healing...

i'll keep updated on here as we go...


Wednesday, September 05, 2007

something new

i really envy andy... is it so wrong for me to want to envy a man that can write a great blog so often? i really am quite deficient in my blog writing abilities... along with my lack of proteins that allow me to write the but once a month it seems...

anywho.. andy, you truly are my hero.. have i ever told you? that you're my hero?

so, i'll give an update
school has started.. crazy busy with that.. taking 18 (i think) hours of classes and teaching a class as well.. oh, and taking another class at another college for the fun of it.. just incase my 2 hours of sleep was too much.. haha...

and i'm not the busy one out of the chicago elliott fam.. mary has been working her already small heiner off.. she's doing great things over at the shop and they are loving her more and more every day.. i also envy her...

so it looks like God is telling me i have a problem with envy.. haha.. we'll see if we can fix that..

the weather in chicago has been pretty crazy as of late.. beautiful 70's one day, balmy upper 90's the next (i know, that's not too balmy is it).. we had a tree across the street break in two, and it was a huge friggin tree.. must've been 100 yrs old.. friggin huge... covered the whole street.. see pic attached.. luckily mary had the car at work, no where near any trees...

this is a nice long post, so i'll keep it going.. i'll start my 10 reasons why chicago is amazing and why you should consider it for your next place to visit/relocate...

10. our hotdogs don't come with coleslaw..

9. we have all 4 seasons.. even if winter is the longest (cold builds character.. when you're old you can tell stories about walking to school in the snow.. not walking to school in the nice crisp 50 degree january day)

8. heavy coats look so cool

7. 2016 olympics baby

6. ever had pizza so thick you have to eat it with a crane? you will in chicago

5. goose island

4. you can never get lost.. the streets are a grid.. and the streets have a special lane for bicycles

3. illinois kicks all of it's neighboring states butts.. seriously.. who can compete? iowa? ha...

2. mike ditka and michael jordan.. come on...

1. the elliotts? and did i mention mike ditka?

ok.. i'm out.. do you like the pink type? i had to, i used arial and it only deserves silly colors such as pink...

love to all.....